Twice a Mother

Before a child is born, he/she has to sit in the womb for 10 months. While in the womb, it absorbs the nutrients the mother ingests, the nutrients the mother’s body produces and the toxins the mother unknowingly passes on. As the child sits in the womb, it grows and weighs down the belly of the mother bringing her the bittersweet feeling of pain and joy. The baby continues to be fed in the womb up until birth. The cry the slices through the air in the room reminds everyone a beautiful new life with purpose has just entered this world.

In 2013, I gave birth twice. Once in June to my beautiful son, Dominic and again in October when I finished writing Speak to my Soul: A Montage of Voices. My son made me want more for myself; I wanted to be able to leave my mark in a grandiose way. His life and presence induced my labor. He was the extra push, the final push, needed to give birth to Speak to my Soul. Speak to my Soul had been sitting in my womb for months. I was not prepared for the complications that would come with the birth so instead I fed my womb until it was ready. I fed my womb knowledge, I mastered my craft of spoken word and writing, I allowed myself to experience love, pain, heartbreak, confusion and what seemed like insanity. I gave Speak to my Soul the best and worst part of me and there was beauty hidden deep within the ugly. There was art. She, was art. Writing her, was one of the most intense love making I’ve ever been involved in. Carrying her strengthened and empowered me. Birthing her, filled me with the bittersweet emotions of fear and joy. Her cry covered the air like a blanket. It comforted, reassured, empowered and inspired every soul in earshot as my son has done for me. Now for the rest of my son’s life, I have to protect and nurture him. I have to help him grow in a way that he reflects the glory of God. For the rest of my life, with Speak to my Soul, I will do the same.

-Evita C.

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