Last year I didn't really "celebrate" my birthday. I was in a post partum depression that had me in a space where I felt like I was just living and I had nothing to offer my son or fiancé. I didn't feel I was living in my purpose and felt like I was just here because I know how to endure. I was working on "Speak to my Soul" avidly because that was the only thing I felt made sense. Art made sense because I could make beauty out of mess. I had no idea how I would move people and it was never my intention to. "Speak to my Soul"was therapuetic for me. Last year, my birthday seemed to be forgotten by many and that just brought me down a notch lower; however, I continued to create and direct. I somewhat celebrated with a few friends and the original "Speak to my Soul" cast that year; I was still unhappy and unsure of myself. However, that small bit of support kept me going. Their effort to just show up for practice on a Friday night kept me going. Not only did they show they believed in my art, they believed in me and my purpose. Now a year later, I look at my timeline and inbox and there are people celebrating my life because in some way I gave them life; I spoke to their souls. That IS purpose and I'm grateful for that.

Those people that were there for me will always be close to my heart and the original "Speak to my Soul"

cast will always be my family. They helped me stick it out and create something that not only helped others but also helped me see why I am here to do it. I thank everyone for their kind words and love. I really appreciate it all!

I believe in giving people roses while they are here and I definitely felt celebrated on my birthday. Reaching 24 years old is big for me because this is my last year to complete my goal of being "successful" under 25. I have some more things to knock off of my goal list and I will continue to work hard to do so. Thanks again to all my new friends, old friends, family and supporters for making that day great!

You all spoke to my soul and I will continue to pay it forward ❤️

Peace and Love,

Evita C.

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