New Journey, Mixed Emotions

It is 2AM and I am up double checking everything to perfect Speak to My Soul. It has become a daily routine for me. I get to a certain time of night (around 11PM) and believe I'm going to look into one more thing and go to bed. That one thing leads to another and here I am at 2AM writing a blog post. Two weeks ago I felt like I've had enough of working for someone else and I quit my regular 9 to 5. I loved the population I was working with but I was not feeding my passion whatsoever; it drained me more than anything. When I went to my boss' office and told her I'm resigning from my position, I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. Free at last! I was finally given the freedom to pursue my dream and commit to Speak to My Soul full-time.

The thought of leaning fully on Speak to My Soul weighed heavy on my mind. I've always have had faith in my journey but thoughts of doubt lessened that. I'm moving into a new home in a few weeks and getting married in May. Bad timing huh? That thought began to take over me. It was almost as suffocating as being at a job that was only paying me $400.00 every two weeks. I looked over my script for Speak to my Soul: A Montage of Voices, and was empowered and discouraged in the same breath. I've never seen a show like it; this was another leap of faith that left me uneasy. I've never seen a show like it; this could be a groundbreaking piece of work! My mom said I will be blessed for just stepping out on faith and walking in my calling. She explained the way Speak to My Soul instills hope in people and provides opportunity for others. Her words comforted me as they always have. I'm excited to just allow this to manifest and grow. All I know is it's all or nothing for me and my family. I don't know if these late nights are full of unnecessary over-planning or if every extra hour will all be worth it. I'm rooting for and believing in the latter.

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