Soul Tribe Submission: Dear Women

Be intelligent, but not too intelligent because men know everything and you need to stay in your place. Get a degree and start a career, but don't be too good at your job; you can't make more money than your husband. Be sexy, but not too sexy because no man wants a woman whose been with someone else. You better know how to please him, and well, because he will go elsewhere and hey, that's no ones fault but yours. How many kids are you having and when are you going to start because you're not getting any younger. And just because you get pregnant you better not let yourself go because you should always look good for your man, no matter what. Don't let anyone disrespect you because you need to stand up for yourself; just don't get loud because you don't want to look too crazy or *ahem* "passionate"... I don't think the reality of the stress of being a woman is acknowledged enough. The standard that society forces women to achieve is delusional, unrealistic, and contradictory. As women we should support and encourage our sisters in whatever it is that they choose to do with their bodies and lives.... Dear women, just be whoever you are.

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