Happiness or Comfort?

Too often do we find ourselves superficially happy. We force smiles for Instagram and Facebook likes when in reality we are minimizing our own pain for the comfort of others. We compromise our happiness being influenced by society’s standards and the opinions of our family and friends. Through the realization of this, I found what is comfortable for others is very uncomfortable for me. When I am uncomfortable, I evolve. When some others are uncomfortable, they settle. There is a sense of walking in line and living inside of the box that suffocates my creativity. Being a woman, a natural creator, it affixiates my being. I yearn to live in the debris of boxes and all over the bend of lines. I’ve learned true happiness may make people uncomfortable and that is okay. We are too used to filtering our true souls for the likes of others when we are the only people that really have to face ourselves at the end of the night. So don’t fear being a mess, making mistakes or feeling anything less than perfect. Don’t fear living outside of the influence of other’s opinions. Don’t settle to comfort the feelings of others. Don’t silence your soul. Don’t fear regret or failure because there is growth in the two.

Wake up and choose happiness and ask yourself, “Will I love myself to freedom?”

Then, be free.

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