The Soul Tribe is a membership based creative coaching program for creatives of color. Members are trained to merge their creativity with entrepreneurship while being offered opportunities through our network of resources. Members have assistance with brand development and design, project planning and execution with some focus on storytelling as a method of advocacy and community empowerment. They are encouraged to collaborate and connect with other members of the Tribe to learn from one another and build. Soul Tribe members are selected based on their dedication and investment to their creativity and in their communities. When booking the Soul Tribe, you are sure to receive professionalism, creativity and authenticity packaged in an experience that truly will speak to your audience. 

Meet the

Soul Tribe


Solise Alisa White

Choreographer | Author
Owner of Soul Kharisma Fitness

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Carina "Afro Dominicana" paulino


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Shelby Wormley.jpg

Shelby Elaine

Photojournalist | Visual Storyteller | Writer 

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Jordan Wormley

Broadcast Technician | Visual Storyteller |  Producer | Videographer | Editor | Technical Director | Marketing

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Sobeida ROsa

Journalist | Podcaster | Writer | Community Organizer

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Davianna Holland



King Prolifik

Fine Arts (Painter/Graphic Artist | Videography | Photography | Fashion Design | Musician (Hip Hop)

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Shyra Lashae

Film Actress | Fight Choreographer | Model | Hip Hop Dancer |Hip Hop Choreographer | Painter

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