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Speak to My Soul Audio produces, manages and distributes competitive content by some of the most talented poets, lyricists, musicians, engineers and more. We aim to continue to build our library with amazing artists and their content as we grow the Soul Tribe. Speak to My Soul Audio works with our event and production departments to create digital content for the artist and host shows for the artist to showcase their work live. 

Evita Colon


Evita Colon brings her silky poetic flow to every track she's on, mixing grit with sophisto-sexy vibes. She has released one studio album, Roses Now, a powerful debut that convinces us giving her the roses she deserves is long overdue. She also released, Black HERstory Vol. 1, a spoken word driven EP with a jazzy favorite, Free, featuring songtress, Sinnia Brown. Her ability to merge sexiness and sass with socio-political relevant content is genius as she turns a conscious track to a catchy vibe for any setting.

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