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Our creatives are dedicated to turning their art into an experience for any event! Our premier talent agency hosts professional and unique talent who provide their skill with intention. Each of our creatives are trained on best representing their brands and yours! Make your ideas come to life by booking our creative talent for your business, corporate events, weddings, birthdays and more! Email us for a quote at or fill out our booking form below. 



"I was in need of a model for a segment for an NBC talk show and Evita referred me to a model from her creative agency who ended up being booked for the segment in under 30 minutes. The model was professional throughout the entire process from start to finish of the shoot and overall did a phenomenal job modeling for the segment. The celebrity stylist who headed the segment was very pleased as well and said she will work with her again when they have another clothing launch."


Our Artists


The Soul Tribe


The Soul Tribe is a collective of Black creatives being consulted by the CEO of Speak to My Soul, Evita Colon, to develop their creativity and passions into creative entrepreneurship. Each creative will participate in workshops and a Creative Entrepreneur Masterclass to build their toolkit for success in their respective industries. The Soul Tribe benefits from Speak to My Soul’s network of resources to assist them in establishing themselves as elite creative entrepreneurs while being rostered artists of Speak to My Soul’s agency. We provide each artist with advocacy and professional and personal support in their journeys. Contact us for rates and booking inquiries.